Lennon Cruz - Fresh 48

I first met Lennon at about 26 hours old.  When I arrived at the hospital, I opened the door to see the single largest hospital room window I have ever seen and instantly fell in love with the session before it even began.  Lennon was swaddled and snoozing in his hospital bassinet while mom was freshening up.    The whole room smelled like baby powder and new baby.  There was no doubt that this guy was born a heart breaker from the very beginning. 

This session had some special circumstances.  Not only did I go to high school with both mom and dad, Lindsey and Nathan, but I also photographed their wedding and a family lifestyle session a few years back.  Watching their two older children grow has been exciting, but seeing the love those two little people shared for their new baby brother was even better.  Dad arrived with big brother, Cayden, and big sister, Avery, and it was immediately clear who Lennon’s biggest fans were.

Lindsey has the patience of a saint and a soft-spoken voice that could calm any child.  As high school sweethearts, the love Nathan and Lindsey have for each other is always so full and so happy.  It is most evident in the little family they have created and the outpouring of love that is ever surrounding them.  Sessions with this family are always enjoyable and stress-free.  Lindsey actually started her own small photography business over the last year and we share a very similar creative style which adds to the fun of our sessions.  (However, her personal style is a thousand times better than mine even on my best of days).  She is also a creative little thing which always make our sessions that much more interesting!

I am thankful this family continues to let me photograph such important times in their lives.  Although Lindsey has perfected the the daily pictures with her own children at home to document their little lives, I know she enjoys being able to just sit back and enjoy these types of moments, leaving the picture taking to someone else for a change.  Seeing your own family and the love they exude through someone else's eyes is a pretty magical thing.