Meet your photographer!

I am Amanda Chamblin and the lady behind the lens at Amanda Linn Photography. 
I am a mother, a wife, a student, a photographer, and a
self-proclaimed professional diaper changer.

I prefer a simplistic style of photography that embraces the subject, their surroundings and the mood of the moment.  I shoot in both natural light and studio lighting and prefer each for their own, individual, and artistic capabilities.  Truthfully speaking, I became a photographer for more than just the love of the lens.  As all mothers know, finding time to
meet new people and form new friendships is much harder with a
child on each hip (and leg).  I have no doubt that photography became my outlet of social connection while being able to infuse each new relationship with an artistic flare. 

I embrace change and love learning.  Continued education is important in every walk of life, even photography, and I am thankful that learning this craft is something I love deeply. 
With each new client and the booking of each new session, I provide for
other families a time stamped memory of a fleeting moment in their life.

Each session is an experience, not just an hour of shutter clicking.  
Providing clients with high quality images
(which I would proudly hang on my own wall) is essential. 

I am thankful for all the clients, both past and present that have trusted me to handle their most precious little people.  From the squishy little baby rolls of a newborn to the
hugs and laughs shared during a family session; I love it all.